2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE

$16,877 Mileage - 30,101

Like-new, Ford Fusion Hybrid that gets 40+ miles to that gallon. These hybrids are true hybrids, meaning that they can run on the gas or the electric motor alone where most other manufacturers hybrid's electric motors operate as "helpers" and with the gas engine running all the time. These Fusions have no "Plug-In" and the battery charges when you're slowing down, when you have the brakes applied or when the gas engine is running.Again, there is no "Plug-In" on this car. You simply drive it like you normally would and the electric motor will run whenever it has the opportunity too. The controller is automatic and requires no input from the driver. You can however drive it strategically and I've personally been able to get the mileage up to an average of 46 miles to the gallon!This particular Fusion Hybrid is a great buy at this price and will provide you with relief at the pump! It's a 2017 model for only $17,877 and essentially the same vehicle platform as the Lincoln MKZ which we have here on the lot for sale for about $22,000 and that's for a 2015 model! This Fusion Hybrid is simply a lot of car for the money, plain and simple.Call or stop by Champion today and see for yourself why this Fusion Hybrid is one of the best buys on the lot today!
Picture may NOT represent actual vehicle. See Dealer for in-stock inventory and actual selling price. With Approved Credit plus Tax, Title AND License.
Expires: 10/19/2018